Guidance on Wild Venison

Regulations on Wild Game Meat Legislation

As far back as January 2006 EU Regulations required that all wild game and venison being supplied to game dealers must have been previously inspected by a ‘trained person’. Initially what constituted adequate training to carry out this inspection in the eyes of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was unclear. After much debate and regular revisions to wild game guidance standards are now set out and regularly updated along with training required covering hygiene rules and legislation of wild ungulates.

Game Meat Industry Guidelines

When wild game is hunted with a view to placing it on the market, at least one active member of the hunting team must meet the training requirements to have sufficient knowledge to undertake an initial examination of wild game.

This training must be provided to the satisfaction of the FSA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and cover the normal anatomy, physiology and behaviour of wild game. The trained person must also be able to recognise abnormal behaviour and pathological changes in wild game due to diseases, environmental contamination or other factors which may affect human health after consumption.

Hygiene rules and proper techniques for the handling, transportation and evisceration of wild game animals after killing are essential. As are a firm grasp of legislation and administrative provisions on the animal and public health and hygiene conditions governing the placing on the market of wild game.

Notifiable diseases are animal diseases that you are legally obliged to report to the APHA, even if you only suspect that an animal may be affected. If you suspect that wild game has a Notifiable Disease (ND) you must contact APHA.

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muntjac in the wood

Training for Individual Hunters and Game Keepers

There are lots of different organisations providing training for those interested in expanding their relevent skills to meet legislation around industry standards. 

The British Association for Shooting & Conservation offers training on hunting small and large game.

Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ) is an awarding body but can provide advice on deer and wild boar training.

The National Gamekeepers Organisation has information for large and small game.

In Northern Ireland, Country Sports Ireland also provide appropriate training for hunters and the handling of large wild game (deer).

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